Ships, ships, ships, I love to photograph them.

It is funny how things turned out for me. It was always my dream to be a “maritime photographer”. Three decades later I can say my dream came true. I have been travelling on so many different cruise ships and ferries. My work made me discover the World as far as Antarctica.

Who are my photography customers?

Cruise and ferry companies, magazines, ship designers, travel professionals, shipyards and suppliers…

What else do I do?

  • Writing for PR agencies, magazines, newspapers… (in Dutch & English)
  • Chief-editor of the weekly Ferry Shipping News
  • Consultancy
  • Giving lectures about cruising, for tour operators, travel agents and their customers, and for CLIA (in Dutch, French and English)
  • Out of my comfort zone: I did (with success) a stand-up comedy show on the Freelancers-in-Belgium Day 2020.
  • Organising small events about expedition cruises

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You can contact me via mike  @louagie.be